The Community Bankers Association of Ohio (CBAO) is an organization dedicated to establishing and maintaining an informed network of independent community banks throughout the state of Ohio. The Association has the influence and commitment to effectively serve, protect and promote the interests of its members.


When planning for the 2016 fiscal year, the Community Bankers Association of Ohio (CBAO) sought to focus their annual programming around leadership development. Specifically, a partner organization that could plan, develop, and execute a series of regional meetings incorporating a leadership focus that bridged to the association’s annual convention was desired, especially one with community banking experience. Having worked with a community bank in Ohio steadily since 2011, LGL fit that need.


To meet this challenge, our team designed a customized program that was built through community engagement in a series of ThoughtExchange exercises. That feedback informed LGL program at three regional meetings throughout Ohio. Through these regional exchanges, we further identified specific leadership topics requiring additional discussion, and then developed four tailored programs for delivery at the Association’s 2016 Annual Convention & Trade Show: building relationships, organizational culture, practical succession planning, and millennial leadership. Several banking-focused education sessions notwithstanding, LGL was the featured content provider at that July 2016 convention.


The novel format adopted by CBAO for this series of events garnered keen interest. Bank participation increased for both the regional meetings and at that convention. Convention participants found “that the seminars were exceptional and the moderators were the best that I have ever been associated with.”

Several banks have subsequently invited LGL in to build on this experience with leadership programs for their organizations, and CBAO subsequently entered into a strategic partnership with LGL.

As a highlight, CBAO’s 2017 Annual Convention & Trade Show pursued the millennial leadership theme, where LGL developed and facilitated an original “Millennial Showdown” – a panel discussion between millennial and other generational leaders that explored each generation’s stereotypes in a free-flowing dialogue observed by over 100 of the convention’s attendees. This activity was among the most talked-about at this convention, and has generated even further discussion regarding future, generational leadership-focused events and development programs.

The CBAO continues to champion LGL Leadership to their member community banks across Ohio, as well as with national community banking associations and Ohio’s state government, where LGL will deliver the lunchtime keynote at the Department of State’s 2018 Ohio Bankers’ Day in Columbus.


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