Discovery-Blueprint Process

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The Discovery–BluePrint process we employ is among the very few non-negotiables in terms of program structure. It is a critical process to establishing a foundational understanding on which to build a suitable leadership or organizational development effort. The steps are sequential, with each (the Discovery and BluePrint) taking any number of forms as deemed appropriate for the organization and opportunity. Importantly, neither the Discovery nor the BluePrint obligate the participating organization to do anything with the result.

  • Discovery

The purpose of the Discovery effort is to gain a deeper understanding of the individual or organization and involves us asking questions, either directly or through survey instruments/assessments and then listening to and analyzing the responses.

Discovery outcomes include better organizational insight to areas in which conflict and individual differences of opinion may exist such as alignment, organizational structure or culture. In select cases we may follow up on specific items, but in our experience, the questionnaire and face-to-face have proven more than sufficient to enabling a BluePrint.

  • Blueprint

The BluePrint represents LGL’s Discovery analysis and recommendations. These include an acknowledgment as to whether we believe we can assist in achieving the organization’s intended program outcomes. The BluePrint further constitutes our proposal to the requesting organization, pointing to where we are confident we can help. Its intended outcome is to enlighten an organization as to how they might grow, as well as how LGL would propose supporting that growth.


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