Communicating as a Leader

Leadership Basics
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DETAILS A conversation about communications in your organization and some skills and techniques that may help you become more effective.

  • A Discussion About Communications in Your Organization – Effectiveness, Barriers, Tone
  • Introduction to the STAR Assessment
  • Communications Systems and Models – Building One That’s Right for Your Organization
  • Typical Barriers to Communication
  • A Listening Assessment – What’s Your Listening Style?
  • Inductive vs. Deductive Communications Styles
  • Communicating What We Need to Know – Application of a Military Framework, The Leader’s Critical Information Requirements
  • Face-to-Face Communications – Leader Presence, Body Language, and More

WHO SHOULD ATTEND Any individual in your organization, at any level, would benefit from participation in this program. We prefer groups of 20 or fewer per session in order to optimize participation in the discussion.

OPTIONAL ELEMENTS LGL Leadership has partnered with MORF Consulting, a Kansas City-based organization, to deliver and interpret the STAR, a social networking construct that assesses organizational communications across teams, and that begins to identify specific areas for improvement.