“Enduring” Leadership Lessons

Advanced Leadership Skills
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Details Learn what Sir Ernest Shackleton and his endurance crew can teach us about leading and leadership.

PREREQUISITES Proposed participants will be required to read Alfred Lansing’s book, Endurance, in advance of this program’s delivery.

PROGRAM CONTENT (1.5-2 days) This immersive experience builds on a leadership development concept used by the United States Army, called the Staff Ride. Participants will assume roles as Shackleton and his crew, negotiating a series of vignettes that draw on leadership development skills and that accentuate lessons from this historical adventure. Topics explored include:
  • Recruiting – Getting the Right Folks In the Boat
  • Team Building – How To Organize Individuals For Optimal Performance and in a Way that Preserves Relationships
  • Leading Through Uncertainty – Problem-Solving, Creativity, and Innovation
  • Small Group Accountability – How Shackleton Did It and What That Means Today for You and Your Organization
  • Decision-Making and Prioritization – When Everything’s Important (and potentially life-threatening), How Do We Decide?
  • Ethics in Life and Death Situations
  • Shackleton’s Leadership Brand and the Importance of a Second in Command