How Did [I Let] That Happen?

Leadership Basics
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DETAILS Exploring a More Positive Approach to  Holding Ourselves and Others Accountable

PREREQUISITES Proposed participants will read Roger Connors and Tom Smith’s book, How Did That Happen, and should have participated in the Leadership Basics Communications program prior to this experience.

  • Explore Individual Accountability Attitudes
    • Why Don’t We Hold One Another Accountable?
    • Identifying Your Accountability style
    • Self Awareness – Where Are  you on the Accountability-Victimization Scale?
  • Introduce an Accountability Vocabulary
  • Introduce and Explore the Concept of the Accountability Sequence (Connors and Smith)
  • What Does an Accountability Culture Look Like?

WHO SHOULD ATTEND Any individual in your organization, at any level, would benefit from participation in this program. We prefer groups of 20 or fewer per session in order to optimize participation in the discussion.