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Leadership Basics
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DETAILS First Steps in a Practical Approach to Conflict Management

PREREQUISITES Proposed participants will have minimally participated in the “Building Relationships…” module; optimally, participants will have additionally negotiated the “Communicating as a Leader” experience.

  • Our Attitudes About Conflict – the Greatest Business Rivalries of All Time
  • The Origins of Conflict (Heading ‘Em Off at the Pass)
  • An Emotional Intelligence Review
  • What is Conflict (a definition)?
  • Identifying our Hot Buttons/Emotional Triggers
  • Some Conflict-Focused Self-Awareness
    • The Dale Carnegie Conflict Reaction Profile
    • The Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument
  • What’s Left (Trigger-wise) and What We Intend to Do About It

WHO SHOULD ATTEND Any individual in your organization, at any level, would benefit from participation in this program. We prefer groups of 20 or fewer per session in order to optimize participation in the discussion.