Leadership Foundations

Leadership Basics
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DETAILS Set up prime conditions necessary for a richer exploration of leaders and leadership development

  • Identification of the Leadership Challenges You and Your Organization are Wrestling with
  • An Honest Discussion About What Leadership Looks Like
  • Initial Exploration Regarding Our Individual Definition of Leadership, as well as How Our Organizations May Define It
  • Leadership and Management – Differences that Matter
  • A Review of What Leadership Looks Like in Our Organization (follows from the Leadership Brand Module, if executed)
  • Character Development – An Introduction to Ethical Constructs and Dilemmas

WHO SHOULD ATTEND Any individual in your organization, at any level, would benefit from participation in this program. We prefer groups of 20 or fewer per session in order to optimize participation in the discussion.

OPTIONAL ELEMENTS This module is most effective when executed in series with LGL’s Leadership Brand program. The optimal arrangement would involve the Brand program’s preceding this foundational discussion.