Leadership Scenarios Laboratory

Advanced Leadership Skills
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DETAILS Practice leadership skills using contextually appropriate scenarios from your organization. This is a small group training event.

PREREQUISITES This module is only available to those organizations and individuals who have previously negotiated specified Leadership Basics elements.

PROGRAM CONTENT (4 hours) This experience is executed in small groups using a LGL-developed program that employs nearly two dozen contextually tailored scenarios of increasing complexity. All groups negotiate the same scenario simultaneously, discussing their leadership responses to each and then comparing each small group’s approach with those of other groups in the room. Once group perspectives are shared, organizational leaders offer their insights as to what the appropriate response might look like, from a culturally appropriate, policy-conscious, mature leader perspective.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND Individuals/cohorts who have previously participated in Leadership Basics programs should attend. Working in small groups, participation of from 12-30 is most appropriate in order to provide sufficiently diverse perspectives to optimize learning. In addition, at least one senior organizational leader per group is embedded to serve as a coach/ mentor for the experience. This participation would augment LGL’s facilitation.