The Life and Death of WAMU

Advanced Leadership Skills
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DETAILS Learn from the largest bank failure in United States History in this insightful course.

PREREQUISITES Proposed participants will be required to read Kirsten Grind’s book, The Lost Bank.

PROGRAM CONTENT (2 days) This immersive experience builds on a leadership development concept used by the United States Army, called the Staff Ride. Participants will research Washington Mutual bank leaders/personalities and assume those roles as the group negotiates six leadership vignettes. Topics explored include:
  • Leadership Styles
  • Building Corporate Leadership Teams – Roles and Responsibilities Beyond Job Descriptions
  • Succession Planning
  • Corporate Culture – What is it and How To Sustain it During Rapid Growth and Through Acquisitions
  • Evolving Your Organizational WHY- Considerations When You Decide the WHY of Your Business Should Change
  • Corporate Accountability
  • The Role of Emotional Intelligence at the Executive Leadership Level
  • A Conversation About the Difference between What is Legal and What is Moral