What’s Your Leadership Brand?

Organizational Foundations
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DETAILS How does your organization uniquely define leadership and differentiate your leaders?

  • Introduction to the Leadership Brand Concept
  • An Exploration of “What Leadership Looks Like” in Your Organization
  • Discussion of the Various Competency Models Available
  • Competencies Identification Unique to Your Organization

FOLLOW-UP LGL Leadership distills these conversational outcomes into a competency model that delineates what your leaders should know and  be in order to succeed at various levels of seniority.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND Leaders across all levels of the organization with sufficient history and organizational awareness to understand both what leadership should look like (in general) and insight to the competencies necessary for success. Groups of no larger than 12 are optimal. Any size can be accommodated.

OPTIONAL ELEMENTS The model developed in this module may be further used to develop unique individual leadership assessments, also available through LGL Leadership.