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Is your organization struggling to provide a positive work environment and keep employee retention high, all the while trying to stay competitive? Companies are more diverse today than in the past. Traits like empowerment, employee engagement and employee satisfaction lead to higher productivity and profit. Managing and leading are a great deal more complex today. In the past, employees were expected to keep quiet and simply do their job. If we honor and empower the individuals, we can make a more effective organization. 

We seek to decrease turnover, and the costs associated with it, find opportunities for growth and create a leadership culture that transforms your team. Through our process, we will uncover hidden traits inside individuals and leverage them to create better leaders. This allows organizations to be in more nimble and adapt to changes more rapidly in an increasingly complex business world. It is imperative to have leaders in organization thinking about these changes in a unified manner.


People often ask us about our leadership philosophy. It’s not ours that matters, but your organization’s, which we can help uncover through our assessment process. We work really hard to exceed your expectations. Whatever your previous leadership development experience was like, we guarantee that this will be different.

How We Work

LGL does not believe in weekend retreats or periodic “cheerleading” sessions where leadership is concerned. Behaviors are difficult, at best, to modify, and so the challenges your organizations face will not be resolved in a day. We commit to working with you over a period of at least 12 months. Your organization will mature as we work together, so you should expect us to outline programmatic detail for about 6-9 months into the future.

Turnover Rate
across U.S. industries
Annual Loss
Due to turnover
New Hire Cost
Not including training


Learn more about our tailoring process

  • Discovery-BluePrint Process
    We work to assess your organization and then develop a plan.
  • Tailored Leadership Programs

    After determining your needs, we create a custom plan.

  • “Roll-Up-Your-Sleeves” Approach

    Creating a leadership culture takes time and elbow grease.

  • World-Class Content

    Based on our “Switzerland principle.”

  • We’re Unique

    Our synthesis and capstone exercises are robust and refreshing.




Specific to your organization.

Executive Round Tables
Solutions for leadership challenges
Leadership Boot Camps
Explore the basics of leadership
Leadership Academies
In-depth tailored programming



Discovery-Blueprint Process
This process is among the very few non-negotiables we have. It is critical to establish a foundational understanding of your organization. With it, we can build a suitable leadership or organizational development effort.

Understanding You

In the Discovery phase, we work to understand you or your organization. We ask questions, either directly or through survey instruments/assessments and then analyze the response.

Keep learning.

Creating a Plan

Represents LGL’s Discovery analysis and recommendations to include an acknowledgment as to whether we believe we can assist in achieving the organization’s intended program outcomes.

Keep learning.


We don’t mean to brag, but you should read these reviews


We know you're wondering.

Our costs are from one-half to one-eighth the expense you may likely encounter from the programs. Few will tailor something for you and most only offer experiences that last from 3-5 days. We never want the finances to be the barrier that prevents you from engaging us for the leadership development experiences you need. Even if you think you’re budget may be insufficient, give us a call. Where there’s genuine desire, we’ll figure something out.


Interested in learning more about our services and overall approach? Fill out this form and let us know a little bit about your company’s goals and expectations. We’ll get in touch shortly.

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